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I have been writing a draft for an old blog that I started 2 years ago and it got me thinking “What is going on in this world we live in?”.  I mean we as a society used to cherish our children and the lives of others, but now it seems as though our children are growing up in a world where violence, greed, lack of respect and a “me, me, me” mentality is the norm rather than the exception.

People who are meant to be adults are acting like 5 year olds and displaying qualities which used to be considered abhorrent but are now everyday.  Selfishness, greed, snideness are the norm.  People seem to be no longer willing to lend a hand and are only in it for themselves.  There is a definite lack of trust between everyday people, colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family.  We used to be a society where you could leave your children to play with the neighbourhood kids and not worry constantly that something awful was going to take place.  People didn’t sue each other over ridiculous things, and we used to be able to receive help without the constant feeling of being indebted.

We were taught to help others, treat people how we wished to be treated, not to take that which didn’t belong to us, respect our elders and those in authority.  Yes there were problems during those days, yes there were those in authority who were dishonest, but they were not the majority.  It appears that we are living in a time where dishonesty is rife.  The value of someone else’s life is less than our own and the mentality of “I want it now, I’ll take it however I can, and I deserve this although I haven’t worked for it” is standard.

We should be teaching our children, and now it seems also ourselves, the values of previous generations.  Consideration for others, Respect for your elders, Your actions do have consequences, You cannot take that which is not yours, Work hard and reap the rewards, Be loyal, honest and show integrity.

Respect is something we all expect but do not seem to want to earn.  We seem to think it’s a given.  That the people around us should already see we are worth respecting, but how can they respect us, if we do not show them how and why we deserve their respect.  There are people in our society who truly deserve our respect.  Military personnel who place their lives in danger to try and keep our way of living threat free, the Emergency Services personnel who enforce the laws of our society, and more often save us from ourselves daily.  The elders in our society who fought in the wars to ensure we are able to live in this world without the presence of those who wanted to exterminate a entire population for what seems to be the mere reasons of hate, prejudice and a difference in religious belief.

We cannot blame the younger generation for how they are, when we are the ones who taught them to be this way.  You cannot blame music, movies, tv, video games and books for these faults they have.  WE gave them these items because WE have become lazy, self-involved and neglectful.

It’s time for a change people, and we better start now.


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