Thoughts of Mine…

…thoughts of Sarah aka LuigiGirlNZ

A little about me…

I’m fairly new to the blogging world (I say new, however I have started a blog before but rarely posted anything), so forgive me if you read anything here that has been said a million times on other blogs, posts, etc.  I decided to start this blog mainly to vent my frustrations and try a bit a literary healing on myself. Most of what I write is likely to be nutty and inconsequential but I’m sure a few of you will find it amusing, but in essence this is just a blog for me to clear stuff out of my mind 😀

I currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand but have hopes of moving out into the wider world some day.  I grew up in a fairly normal world, a world that is starting to look very different when compared to nowadays.  I currently live with my sister and our 2 cats – yeah I know funny eh? – and am trying to enjoy a simpler life than what is currently expected of us in this materialist world.

I also have a small but unholy love of all things Harry Potter, a love for PRN (Para-Normal Romance) novels, good food, music and movies.

I hope you find some of what I write funny, amusing and perhaps something worth pondering.  I look forward to any responses to my blog so long as they aren’t spammers and people intent on destruction.



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